Last year, Jack Ma said, “There is 20,000, 30,000 to 40,000 yuan a month, a small house, a car, and a good family. There is nothing happier than this, that is a happy life.How much can Ethereum mining make in a month,Keywords are TF-IDF algorithm, web page has document retrieval model, etc.

Therefore, if there is a young person who is completely oriented towards China, with a sufficient number of characters, and a design principle and idea that is not occupied by other games, then it is very natural to think of ancient Chinese myths or historical figures. , not only limited to a single IP such as Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West, but expanded to fully excavate ancient history and myths throughout China, such as Zhou Zhuang, Li Bai, Wang Zhaojun, etc., but does not exclude Sun Wukong, Zhao Yun, etc. The images created by other game companies, because these famous images are only strengthened by game companies, and no game company has changed the image of Sun Wukong or Zhao Yun in the hearts of players, so these popular characters can still be used repeatedly, but at the same time. It also needs to be extended to discover some characters that are rarely used by other games, such as Xiang Yu, Hou Yi, etc. These characters only have strong personal popularity but their own historical stories are not rich enough, so they cannot be arranged by game companies as The only protagonist, but the characteristics of the MOBA game of "Honor of Kings" determine that these people can also be used to become one of the many protagonists.How much can Ethereum mining make in a month