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It means that operators register a large number of self-media accounts in the early stage, and then use various low-cost production methods such as plagiarism, editing, pseudo-original, etc., and then distribute them through major platform channels to obtain a large amount of traffic and earn advertising. divided into.ethereum difficulty reddit,Social needs: Even in the era of terminal games, various online games and even stand-alone games are trying to add social and real-life confrontation elements into the game, because only the interaction between people is the most user-friendly. , but in the era of PCs, playing games is either at home or in an Internet cafe. It is difficult to gather enough acquaintances to play the same game together, and it is difficult for strangers in the game to start socializing and interacting with each other. .

Those small sites and self-media sites with low weight and relatively poor content timeliness and quality are likely to be K-dropped. For example, an immature small site of the author was K-dropped by Baidu some time ago. This process has actually been carried out. It's been a while, but this time the move to cancel the news feed is bigger and more ruthless, but even if the news feed is not canceled, many small sites will still be slowly eliminated.ethereum difficulty reddit