cardano swap,  8 . Liang Kaijun, director of the Political Work Supervision Office of Ningshan County Public Security Bureau, Ankang City, and Gong Youjun, deputy director of the department, oversight of yellow-related sites. From 2014 to 2018 , the Chengguan Police Station of the Ningshan County Public Security Bureau failed to supervise the entertainment service establishments in its area, failed to arrange regular on-site inspections according to regulations, and did not establish public security management files for its employees. In the name of a hair salon, a number of women were organized, introduced, and retained for a long time to engage in prostitution activities, which caused adverse effects. Liang Kaijun, then the director of Chengguan Police Station, had the main leadership responsibilities, and Gong Youjun, the community police, had direct responsibilities. In June 2019 , Liang Kaijun was sanctioned by the party and Gong Youjun was sanctioned by the government.

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