Regarding how to do a better job of the three system reforms in the future, the research team emphasized that one is to continuously improve the efficiency of the reform, strive to improve the labor productivity and labor cost input-output rate of the entire staff, and check the reform results with the benefits of the enterprise; To improve the effectiveness of reform, we must test the improvement of the leadership of teams at all levels, the competitiveness of talents, the cohesion of employees, and the innovation of the organization, and test the effectiveness of the reform. Third, we must continue to enhance the effectiveness of the reform and focus on achieving management. People can go up and down, employees can go in and out, income can be increased and energy can be reduced, especially the three systems reform must be put in place; the fourth is to The continuous enhancement of reform efficiency is mainly reflected in the leadership organization's capacity and rigid implementation of the main leadership of the second- and third-tier units, and the implementation of flexible policies in the process of personnel diversion and resettlement. To well assume the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises; Fifth, to continuously promote the construction of the assessment and evaluation system of the three system reforms, so that Sustainable development, progressive and innovative.Bitcoin Mining Software,

  The clerk of Xi'an Huiling Public Goods Supermarket is giving customers change. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiao took a photo of a clerk in Xi'an Huiling Charity Supermarket. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu XiaoBitcoin Mining Software