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  (3) Improve the functional system of party and state institutions. Reforming the party and state institutions and optimizing the allocation of functions is an important way to improve the party's leadership and governing methods. In accordance with the principles of complete systems, scientific norms, and efficient operation, we must solve the fundamental institutional mechanisms that affect and restrict the development of the party and the country's undertakings, and form a party leadership system that oversees the overall situation and coordinates all parties. Governance system, Chinese-style, world-class armed forces system, a group work system with extensive connections and serving the masses, promote coordinated action and efficient operation of various party and state work. The party's leadership system is in a leading position. The people's congress, government, CPPCC, supervisory organs, judicial organs, procuratorial organs, people's organizations, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, and armed forces all perform their duties under the unified leadership of the party. Do its utmost to ensure that the central and local government orders are unified, run smoothly, efficiently implemented and full of vitality.How to make money with ETH,

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