[TechWeb report] On March 28th, what kind of experience is it to take a class at Lakeside University with Jack Ma? A few days ago, the third opening ceremony of Lakeside University was held in Hangzhou. The president of Lakeside University, Jack Ma, also took the role of "teacher" as a teacher. During the lecture of the third class of students at Lakeside University, Ma Yun talked about his own changes, "The biggest change I have is that I learned from the Chinese Yellow Pages, and I don't control the board of directors.Mining machine purchase platform,In other words, "Honor of Kings" actually only improves the operation level of the novice, and does not reduce the operational space of high-end players. If you are a core player, you can still customize the operation, and then show it off. fly.

Although it is inconsistent with the perception of many office white-collar workers, this is essentially because it is in the interests of the first platform to crack down on the title party - industrial wastewater will affect the quality and tonality of the platform in the long run, and most importantly, the inferior Content affects users' trust and centralizes traffic, which is undoubtedly fatal to a business model that relies on more personalized distribution to sell more advertising spaces.Mining machine purchase platform