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  However, under the modern concept, civil servant posts have never been a "safe haven" for employment. In the context of advancing the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities, the professionalization and professionalization of the civil service has become the general trend. With the construction of top-down style and the reform of decentralized service in recent years, new requirements have been placed on both the professional concept of civil servants and professional service capabilities. The idea of ??equating civil service positions with "mixed days", and even expecting "worry-free future" once crowded in, will become increasingly unrealistic.bitcoin miner news,  So far, Suide County Public Security Bureau, a total of one month within 4 names are informed the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC in question either the outgoing or the Party Members. Earlier before 11 Yue 9 days, Yulin City Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan news that Suide County Public Security Bureau Party Committee member Ren Shikai, Suide County Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade chief Hao Dong, Suide County Public Security battalion Huohai Long suffer Dismissal of party membership, etc.

  Today ( 20 ) afternoon 2 Dian 45 points, Shandong Province, the relevant departments held a press conference to announce the update is located Liangbaosi mine incidents Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province. It is understood that on the evening of November 19 , 2019 , a fire accident occurred at the 3306 heading face of the Liangbaosi Energy Company of Shandong Energy and Fertilizer Group , which caused 11 people to be trapped and others to rise safely.bitcoin miner news